TABB™ Sustainability Consulting

TEST Valuable recycling and sustainability consulting services for businesses and community organizations in the Packaging and Container industry, including:

• Development of educational material focused on recycling, sustainability, and the "Bottle-to-Bottle" process.
• Consulting on the landfill diversion of plastic products with resin codes 3-7.
• Educating Material Recovery Facilities (MRF's) on proper bottle collection techniques for improving material quality
• Conducting preliminary sustainability and waste audits at manufacturing facilities and MRF's.
• Participating in bottle bill discussions and overall impacts on the plastic recycling stream.

Recycling Facts:

• Collecting and recycling plastic bottles eliminates thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions from releasing into Earth's atmosphere.
• Recycling creates more than 1 million US jobs in the recycled product manufacturing industry. There are 10 times more jobs in recycling than waste disposal.
• Recycling saves 3.6 times the amount of energy generated from incineration.
• Recycling 1 ton of plastic bottles saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space and 3.8 barrels of crude oil.
• By recycling, the US saves enough energy to provide electricity to 9 million homes annually.