TABB™ Post-Consumer Resin

TABB, through its contract manufacturing relationship with Clean Tech Inc., exclusively supplies the highest quality Bottle Grade HDPE and PET Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), including Food Grade PET PCR certified through multiple FDA Letters of No Objection (LNO).

This strategic alliance offers extensive capacity that utilizes the latest technology for manufacturing Food Grade PET PCR.

TABB™ products include high quality Bottle Grade PET and HDPE PCR:

• TPS 2500 - Clear PET pellets
• TPS 2600 - Green PET pellets
• TPS 5000 - Natural HDPE pellets
• TPS 8000 - Mixed color HDPE pellets

Benefits of TABB™ PCR Process

• Capacity to process nearly 200 million pounds of HDPE and PET material annually
• Tight feedstock specifications with minimal contamination permitted for the production of Food Grade PET PCR
• Rigid cleaning and washing process, elevating PCR quality
• Extensive quality testing, including use of gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer to measure potential contaminants and attributes of PET PCR

TABB™ PCR Adds Green Value

• Available at a usage rate of up to 100% for recycled content packaging
• Made from recycled plastic bottles collected from curbside and bottle deposit programs
• Requires two-thirds less energy to produce packaging made with PCR than from virgin raw materials
• Reduction in air and water pollution emissions when manufacturing packaging made with PCR