Company FAQ

Who is TABB and why was it formed?

TABB Packaging Solutions was formed by four siblings, three of which are females. The owners come from a family with 50 plus years experience in the plastic packaging and bottled water industries. The company was formed out of a need for minority suppliers to provide goods and services to the plastic packaging industry. Additionally, from their experience in these industries, the owners saw the growing push by industry, government, and consumers to be more environmentally responsible with their practices.

Who are your feedstock suppliers and how do you secure supply for projects?

• Large Waste Haulers
• Independent Haulers or Recyclers
• Municipal or City Run Facilities
• Deposit Material via Brand Owners

We have some long-term commitments on feedstock supply; with the proper planning in advance we can meet your product supply needs.

What are the key drivers impacting the Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) market?

• Feedstock pricing is not tied to any published indices for several reasons with the underlying reason being supply and demand.
• The state of California requires packaging manufactured in the state to contain recycled content, which contributes to the increasing demand.
• A majority of feedstock material in California is exported overseas.
• Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have openly announced goals to utilize 25% recycled PET content in their packaging. Currently, they are using at least 10% recycled PET content.
• Nestle has announced a goal to use 100% recycled PET in their packaging by 2020.
• The Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard assesses suppliers on the environmental performance of their products and services.
• Even with the increase in PCR demand, the nationwide PET recycling rate is only 30.1%, which includes deposit and curbside material. The recycling rate continued to rise for a few years until 2015 when it slightly decreased from 31%.
• Feedstock supply and quality need to increase for the economics of PCR to be more favorable for manufacturers. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle have announced their commitment to work with community organizations and recyclers to increase recycling awareness and the supply of recycled material.

• Proctor and Gamble has announced a long-term vision of using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging and the goal by 2020 to double the recycling resin in plastic packaging.

• NAPCOR Report on Postconsumer PET Container Recycling Activity in 2015 – PET Bottles Available for Collection (Source: