TABB™ Color Concentrates & Additives

TABB delivers custom masterbatch color concentrate and additive solutions to customers seeking superior performance, lot-to-lot consistency, and enhanced brand identity. These solutions bring unparalleled value and benefits to the Packaging and Container industry:

• Customer-driven Design
• Speed to Market
• Technology and Innovation
• Cost-effective, Customized Products
• Processing Reliability
• Global Manufacturing and Supply Capabilities
• Polymer Selection and Procurement Leverage
• EDI capabilities to standardize order and invoice process
• Streamlined inventory patterns to ensure costs are managed throughout the supply chain
• Application-specific virgin carrier resin specifications
• Continuous improvement and product performance reviews

TABB™ color concentrate and additive products are utilized in highly recognizable packaging in industries such as:

• Automotive & Industrial
• Consumer Cleaning
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Beauty